Monday, July 27, 2015

The Value of .Com In The Years Ahead according to Frank Schilling

Extract: "In a World with thousands of shorter, better looking and newly-viable name endings, I no longer believe .com to be singularly viable and sense the potential for a rift in resale valuations of .com names in the years ahead".


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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

emag.CLUB sells for 1500 €

Extract: "Highlights of public sales are: .com: at 40,000 USD, ccTLD: at 19,900 USD, other” TLD: at 7,500 USD".


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Tuesday, July 14, 2015 is on Auction

Extract: " is a premium internet domain. Use this Domain to set a focus on your (golden) business in the internet.".


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Friday, July 10, 2015

.SITE new domains Now In Early Access

Extract: "We asked Radix to provide a list of non-premium .Site domain names, that is domains that do not carry a premium registration and renewal fee which can be ordered in EAP or in GA".


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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AlpNames opens its premium domain store

AlpNames targets high-value, prestige domain customers with its new AlpNames Premium brand.

Tuesday 7th July 2015, Gibraltar: AlpNames, now the world’s second largest new gTLD registrar, is continuing its growth plans with the opening of its AlpNames Premium virtual store which markets highly valuable domain names.

The company, which already manages over 500,000 domain names on behalf of its customers, is broadening its range of products to include highly sought after ‘premium names’.

Premium domain names are unique web-addresses for which potential registrants are prepared to pay considerably more than the standard retail price to possess. For example, the premium domain name was sold this year for $17 million.

“AlpNames is continuing to execute on its plan to expand its domain name related activities,” said Damon Barnard, Chief Operations Officer at AlpNames. “We are ideally placed to market premium names which will strengthen our relationships with our customer base and extend the range of domain name services we can supply.”

In 2012 ICANN, the body that regulates internet domain names, approved the liberalisation of the name space in order to promote competition, innovation and consumer choice. Now domain names can end in almost any series of letters such as .review, .date or .club. Since its launch in 2013, over six million new-style domain names have been registered in almost 640 brand new domain extensions.

“The fundamental change that is occurring in the Internet name space means that more valuable domain names are available on the market than at any other time in Internet history,” continued Barnard “and the great thing is that your don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire one. Since opening our online premium store last week we have seen a brisk trade.”

The AlpNames Premium store can be found at

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Free .CLOUD domains

Extract: "Up to 100 domains can be allocated for promotional purposes before sunrise begins, per ICANN rules".


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Domainers: want to meet with Uniregistry?

Extract: The first Southern California Domainers Meetup of the year will take place in July! I'm looking forward to getting all the old and new members together for a night full of knowledge share, networking and all out fun.