Friday, May 30, 2014

New gTLDs Had a Better Week

… but only because the previous one set the bar so low, with a grand total of only 4209 registrations after day one for 6 gTLDs (an average of 702 registrations per new gTLD after day one of General Availability, which is basically supposed to be the most spectacular day in terms of registrations by far).
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What’s a new gTLD?

The “new” gTLDs consist of hundreds of new extensions that will be hitting the web over the next couple of years. With the .com space having become overcrowded, the need for a host of brandable new domain names was essential. ICANN recognized this need and acted accordingly, developing these new gTLDs.
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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

.XYZ Is Out of Sunrise and into Landrush “With The Most Domainer-Friendly Policies of any TLD”

Unlike most TLD operators trying to extract as much from domainers as possible through high prices for premiums and recurring premium prices, .xyz is positioning itself as the new .com – giving domainers the opportunity to buy anything they want at landrush, and then benefit from .xyz’s unprecedented global marketing campaign to enjoy the increase in values that comes from global demand”, said Ben Crawford, CEO of CentralNic.
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Monday, May 26, 2014 available for $13,500! Did you get any .vacations, .flights, .villas, .rentals and .cruises?

"Donuts domains are getting more and more expensive by the week. I got 4 domains today and might get 2 more in GA if these are still available on Wednesday.. 2 of my domains are sub-$50 premiums and the other 2 have regular pricing. I am not buying a lot of domains as premium renewal prices have skyrocketed".

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Are domainers buying new domain names?

Oh yes they are!

Watch the show and listen to what they bought on

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Selling Premium Sub-Domains vs. Selling gTLD’s

I said in the past that the gTLD's will help leasing domains and sub-domains. We're here! So yesterday the process started for me to start many new businesses. Want It will be for sale next week.

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Friday, May 23, 2014 to broker premium GTLDS for Famous Four Media

On the home page of is the Domain news that and Famous Four Media have signed a letter of agreement that will be the exclusive broker for select super premium GTLD domains bewing offered by Famous Four Media subject to FFM approval. Famous Four currently has three GTLDs live .bid, .trade, and .webcam. I need your help to suggest which names in these three .gtld extensions that you feel qualify as super premium.
Please send your suggested names to us at contact [AT]

We will review all suggestions to use in helping us determine which super premium domain names we should request FFM let us become the exclusive broker for.
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For How Many Years Are You Willing to Renew Your New gTLD Domains?

Domainers will have first dibs on the best keywords (leaving those that are reserved by the registries aside) but on the other hand, they have to be prepared to renew them for a few years because at this point, nobody knows (people might have an opinion of course but there are no certainties) whether or not investing in new gTLDs will prove to be worth it.

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Who are the biggest .club domain name buyers?

The .club New gTLD had about 25,781 registrations after day 1 of general availability. I checked to see who were the buyers that bought more than 100 .club domains each on day 1.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to Sell Domain Names on Marketplaces

Free report provides details for getting the most out of domain name marketplaces.

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The Disconnect Between New gTLD Registries and Domain Investors

...This is a sign of the disconnect between domain investors and those running registries. Most of the commentary on the new gtlds on forums and blog comments is to the negative side. Opinions range from the program has failed, the results are pathetic, its just a cash grab and many more. The discontent is understandable, so far the program seems to go against a few of the core concepts it was supposed to stand for.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New gTLD Case Study

  1. Domain #1: Domaining.Directory
  2. Domain #2: Safest.Email (I also hand registered
  3. Domain #3: VPS.Cheap
  4. Domains #4 to 12: Gary.Cool, Jerry.Cool, Kyle.Cool, Larry.Cool, Mary.Cool, Roy.Cool, Scott.Cool, Sean.Cool and Troy.Cool
  5. Domain #13: Chair.Expert

Bulk pricing available - up to 30% off on new domain names at

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rap superstar 50 Cent will host the .CLUB Launch Party in New York City May 22

.CLUB Continues to Separate Themselves From the Marketing Pack - Will 50 Cent's Appeal Produce a Downpour of Dollars for the New gTLD

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What the new gTLDs mean for your B2B brand - Marketecture

Before you go crazy with the domain gold rush
It’s tempting to get the credit card out and jump on some internet real estate while the price is right particularly if your main corporate website isn’t your brand name as it was already taken or your brand uses generic words. However, before you see gold, it’s worth bearing the following in mind:

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Diet.Expert sells for about $7,500

The domain name Diet.Expert was sold for about $7,000 on the 2nd day of Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) pricing. This price includes a $3,000 day 2 EAP fee and the registration fee that for this domain is set at about $4,500 ($5,500 at Go Daddy). That of course is also the annual renewal fee that the buyer will have to pay from now on.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How many new TLDs will domainers register?

Most domain investors expect to register some new domains this year.

.Club Landrush Auctions Have Started On Sedo

I just got notice that the Landrush auctions have started on Sedo for .Club domain names. An auction occurs when 2 or more landrush applications are submitted regardless of registrar.

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Monday, May 12, 2014

A glimpse of what will happen when new TLDs hit their first renewal date

I’d expect some bids before they’re concluded. Some closeouts may have been purchased already, vanishing from the numbers above. The keywords here won’t correspond exactly to registered .GURUs. And it may be argued that the .GURU release affects renewal decisions for these Guru .COMs. Yet that influence cuts both ways, since some .GURU owners buy matching .COMs.

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ICANN speaking at Domainers Conference

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

What You Missed On Google’s New gTLD Statement

Whenever Google employees say anything, the blogs go crazy and treat it as gospel. For example, a recent post on the Google Product Forums stated:

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Friday, May 9, 2014

New gTLD Price Expectations

Even if you screw up royally during a negotiation every once in a while, there are plenty of other buyers who want your domain just as badly as the person who walked away. While I do think there is money to be made with new gTLDs, I firmly believe a paradigm shift is in order
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

6654 premium .club domains for sale at Sedo

The .club registry has partnered with Sedo to offer their reserved premium .club domain names. Sedo is currently offering 6654 .club domains.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Should Domainers Be Angry With New gTLD Registries?

Is it true that registries are holding back a lot of their best domains?
Is it true that high registration and renewal fees have historically proven to be problematic for domainers?

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Uniregistry Announces Pioneers Program

As a pioneer, you will receive a quality name in your desired TLD, at a reduced registration price, in exchange for your promise (i) to place the name into active use as your website’s primary Internet identifier, (ii) advertise and promote your website by sending traffic to your new Uniregistry domain name, and (iii) not sell the domain name to any third-party, except when incident to the sale of your business.

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I love domaining and support the domain industry $4,800, 3 sold for $3,000+ and 18 for $1,200+ each (

There were 3 domain names sold on the 2nd day of the EAP for about $3,000 each or more depending on the registration/renewal prices (premium level or no premium):
  1. (SEO Image, Inc.)
  2. (Birdseye International Inc.)
  3. (

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.BUZZ Premium Auctions

NameJet is thrilled to partner with .BUZZ offering these 35 .BUZZ premium domain names. One of the first pure generic strings to be launched, .BUZZ is short, edgy, fun, and globally recognized. The term "buzz" typically refers to what people are talking about. This premium domain list represents some of the hottest topics being discussed on the web.

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