Monday, March 31, 2014

Wow: is this the most expensive new TLD sale yet?

The .Club domain name enters landrush tomorrow, and already the domain name is showing solid early results. Point in fact: sold for $17,500.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oil.Center 11,000 GBP Bid on Sedo

Oil.Center was registered by a gentleman in Kuala Lumpur on 3/16/14 and is now on Sedo auctions with a day and a half left at 11,000 GBP. There is only one bid which looks like the owner received the bid and pushed it to auction on 3/24/14.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Sedo domain names get kicked off GoDaddy on Monday

Domain sales partnership comes to an end next week. Last November GoDaddy announced it was ending its syndication agreement with Sedo effective the end of March 2014.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hey Registries, Registrars This Is The Way To Sell A Domain

Over the years we have pointed out a bunch of ridiculous emails we get from registries and registrars trying to get people to buy a unregistered domain names.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review Of Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry – It Is A Game Changing Solution

Review of Domain Registrar Uniregistry

I had hoped to find some GTLD inspiration in order to find a reason to give Frank Schilling’s just launched Uniregistry a try. According to Frank, it’s a game changing solution for a registrar. Some have said that is a bold statement and one that they can’t necessarily at this point agree with. Frank has commented on some blogs and said that some new features will be rolling out soon, but in many ways I can already agree with him, this is a game changing solution at launch.

Rick Schwartz Says Domain Investors Will Be Top Dogs When T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West Returns to Las Vegas in May

With the 2014 T.R.A.F.F.I.C West just two months away, show co-founder Rick Schwartz sent a letter out to previous attendees over the weekend with an update on plans for the big event May 28-31 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet The 1st .Email Cybersquatter Grabs Up ESPN, Pepsi, Starbucks, Chevrolet, NFL & More

I couldn’t help miss the registrations by a organization out of Los Alamitos, CA named Viva Las Vegas who wound up getting a great domain in, but went after and got domain names matching some trademarked and well known companies.

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Sedo and TLD Registry Raise $182,000 in First Live Auction of New Chinese Domain Extensions

Premium Chinese Character Domain Names Sell for Between US$2,000 and $25,388 to Buyers Worldwide

MACAU – March 25, 2014 – TLD Registry Ltd and Sedothe world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced that the first premium domain name auction of new Chinese character gTLDs has raised US$182,000 from 33 auction lot sales. Bidders in the room and around the world paid between US$2,000 and US$25,388 for valuable Chinese character domain names in the Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网) TLDs.

The hybrid live and online auction was staged in the Galaxy Macau’s “China Rouge” private member’s club and was simultaneously held live on Sedo’s online auction platform.
Veteran and first-time domain name investors participated in and won auctions for domain names as diverse as “” (.线) for $25,388, “” (赌场.线) for 25,000, “” (房地.线) for $16,000, “” (.线) for $15,500 and “” (比特.线) for $14,388.

“The inaugural landrush auction for Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website was a complete success,” said Arto Isokoski, TLD Registry’s CEO. “We achieved everything that we said we would do. Our innovative hybrid auction was delivered fully and with great satisfaction for our 50 guests. We are very happy with the value which investors have placed on our TLDs.”

In addition to the domain names sold at the live auction, many investors requested access to additional premium domain names, with some requesting portfolios of hundreds of premium domains in the Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website registries. China's central government is also backing the adoption of the new TLDs, introducing a new national policy on March 3, 2014 which mandates the use of Chinese domain names for all Chinese government websites.

“The interest we’ve seen in these new Chinese TLDs is reminiscent of the rush for dot com names in the 90s,” said Tobias Flaitz, Sedo’s CEO. “This auction has shown how strong the market is for Chinese character domains, and we look forward to seeing how their values will evolve as the market matures.”

The 30-day Landrush period of Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website concludes on April 24, 2014, with the TLDs’ General Availability beginning on April 28, 2014. Domain names in Dot Chinese Online and Dot Chinese Website are unrestricted and available from a worldwide registrar network.

The auction event was sponsored by .CLUB Domains and Afilias.

About TLD Registry Ltd
TLD Registry Ltd is a trans-national internet domain name registry which holds the exclusive rights to manage the essential new Chinese internet top level domains Dot Chinese Online
(.线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网). TLD Registry Ltd was founded by Finnish internet entrepreneurs, is incorporated in Ireland, and employs expert personnel and domain name industry veterans in Beijing, Hong Kong, Helsinki, New York City, Austin and Oslo. TLD Registry’s principal investor is Finland’s Vision+ Fund in addition to business angels.

About Sedo
Sedo is the leading domain marketplace and monetization provider worldwide. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany and with offices in London, England and Boston, USA, Sedo has assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale with more than 18 million listings. The success of Sedo's model has attracted a client base of more than 2 million domain professionals in 180 countries worldwide. The company’s support team speaks 23 languages natively while its award-winning interactive marketplace seamlessly services client needs in six different languages. Sedo also has a full suite of services available for new gTLD applicants, including premium auctions in all application phases, marketing support, pricing, consulting and brokerage services to reach domain buyers globally. With more than 13 years of experience, Sedo is trusted by organizations and individuals around the globe as neutral partner for buying, selling and parking domains.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A domain investor goes to WIPO’s home in Geneva to learn more about UDRP

Nat Cohen traveled to Geneva to learn more about the current state of UDRP. Here’s what he learned.

Sedo Macau Auction Concludes With Close to $200,000 in Sales

In what was an interesting way to follow an auction, Sedo concluded their Macau auction this morning and they were updating people on Twitter as the auction ran. They actually set up a Twitter handle for the auction, The account had 20 followers and they made close to 400 tweets. Click on the link and you can follow all the bidding action as it was tweeted live.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Swimsuit.Photos Auction Closes at $3,550

The domain name was auctioned off by who had multiple applications for the domain on the 4th day of registrations, which is part of Donuts Early Access program (EAP).
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A first look at Frank Schilling’s new domain name registrar

Frank Schilling’s domain name registrar Uniregistry is due to launch this week (likely Monday) and Domain Name Wire took an early look over the weekend.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Issue of “Claw Back” Domain Names is Scary

As someone who frequently buys domain names in private and who prefers to quickly re-sell domain acquisitions, the primary issue I thought about when I read this news is the implication of what could potentially happen if the original buyer had already flipped one of the domain names, and a domain name was retrieved from the account of an aftermarket buyer.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How Will The New gTLDs Change The Internet?

I see three fundamental changes happening right now and wanted to bounce these off of all of you to get your feedback.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Newbies May Go Broke

Buying domain names that aren’t worth anything to another party is a quick way to deplete a bank account. There is an endless supply of domain names to buy and register, and knowing what to buy is the most challenging aspect of the domain investing learning curve.
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The first of many confusing conversations about the new gTLDs

Like most domainers, I’ve been watching and reading about the new gTLDs, also known as general top-level domain names or new domain extensions, for over a year now, following, Rick Schwartz, Morgan Linton, and other domainers.

I’ve also followed GoDaddy’s new extensions promotion as well as’s new gTLD promotional commercial.

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My Take on New gTLD Registration Numbers

I don’t think these numbers are all that critical at this juncture. Yes, I am sure the registries would have loved to get more revenue at the outset, but I would imagine most are looking at the new TLDs as a long term play. It’s going to take time for companies and people to learn about these domain names, and suffice it to say, domain names aren’t a high priority for many businesses who may only care about their domain names when they are renewing them and when they need to buy a new domain name for a business or special project.
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

.Tips domain name sells for $8,200

Domain name investor pays top dollar for a .tips domain name.
A .tips domain names has sold for $8,200 at GoDaddy.
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Monday, March 3, 2014

The target of the day

I haven’t seen a single visionary amongst the domainer community. Not a game changer in the bunch. If in 1970 you foresaw the internet opening up for commerce and prepared for that could be a visionary. If you noticed early on that there were things happening in this interweb thing, jumped on and did well, that makes you an entrepreneur not a visionary. If you saw something being done and did it better, that’s not a game changer, that’s an improvement.
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20 .Guru Sites Make Alexa’s Top 1M List

The highest ranked .Guru site is searchengines.Guru which has an Alexa rank of 14,025
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DOMAINERS BEWARE! The new gTLD extensions are all subject to the new URS. How will that effect you?

According to ICANN, the Uniform Rapid Suspension System is a rights protection mechanism that complements the existing Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) by offering a lower-cost, faster path to relief for rights holders experiencing the most clear-cut cases of infringement.

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Share Your Recent New gTLD Purchases

I don’t have plans to do so yet, but I will most likely purchase a few or several more new gTLD domain names in the near future as interesting roll outs occur.

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