Monday, November 4, 2013

gTLD Madness: Team Schilling vs Team Schwartz, Part 2

A few things I found interesting in this conference, some with I agree and a few I disagree with. Something that I am sure of is that domainers are always first and best informed:
  • 80% new gTLD may fail;
  • .TRAVEL is a success;
  • is a good domain name;
  • Domainers wasted money on .INFO domain names;
  • 1% people have a domain name;
  • .TATTO is a strong TLD;
  • tatoo.tatoo should resolve by Halloween;
  • 25.000 registrations is .TATOO;
  • .LINK will be a success;
  • .LINK will cost $8;
  • .SEXY will be big and cost $8;
  • I don't buy .ORG and .NET anymore;
  • The next generation will know 500 new extensions;
  • Facebook will offer webpages for free with no domain name;
  • New domain names are a growing market;
  • The worldwide market is only 25% penetrated on the web;
  • 5 billion people not even online yet;
  • There is no email without a domain name;
  • The key about new gTLDs success is advertising;
  • No gTLD will replace .COM;
  • There's going to be a flood of "new options";
  • Some Registries can say stupid things ;-);
  • It is all about to be about marketing;
  • 20 years ago no one knew what .COM were;
  • .MOBI is a failure, why is someone going for .MOBILE?
  • .SECURE will have anti-spam and anti-phishing technology;
  • .SECURE domain names will cost $10.000 each;
  • In Germany, all advertising is on .DE, not .COM;
  • It is a .COM world for domainers, not for the rest of the world.

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