Friday, November 15, 2013

True Category Killer Hits The Market, But Why Is Schilling Brokering Not Buying It?

Frank Schilling also is the founder of Uniregistry a company which applied for over 50 new gTLD’s including .Fashion
For example you could offer a customer the matching subdomain of along with a registration for the new gTLD domain on .Fashion.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What we learned from .ORG about new gTLD´s

..."that those new gTLDs that really succeed to brand themselves as something special, within a community or a particular kind of organization have great chances to become popular and successful up to a point where their customers might prefer the .org over the .com version. But it also shows that those that do not succeed will be populated with spam, porn and low-quality sites".

Monday, November 4, 2013

gTLD Madness: Team Schilling vs Team Schwartz, Part 2

A few things I found interesting in this conference, some with I agree and a few I disagree with. Something that I am sure of is that domainers are always first and best informed:
  • 80% new gTLD may fail;
  • .TRAVEL is a success;
  • is a good domain name;
  • Domainers wasted money on .INFO domain names;
  • 1% people have a domain name;
  • .TATTO is a strong TLD;
  • tatoo.tatoo should resolve by Halloween;
  • 25.000 registrations is .TATOO;
  • .LINK will be a success;
  • .LINK will cost $8;
  • .SEXY will be big and cost $8;
  • I don't buy .ORG and .NET anymore;
  • The next generation will know 500 new extensions;
  • Facebook will offer webpages for free with no domain name;
  • New domain names are a growing market;
  • The worldwide market is only 25% penetrated on the web;
  • 5 billion people not even online yet;
  • There is no email without a domain name;
  • The key about new gTLDs success is advertising;
  • No gTLD will replace .COM;
  • There's going to be a flood of "new options";
  • Some Registries can say stupid things ;-);
  • It is all about to be about marketing;
  • 20 years ago no one knew what .COM were;
  • .MOBI is a failure, why is someone going for .MOBILE?
  • .SECURE will have anti-spam and anti-phishing technology;
  • .SECURE domain names will cost $10.000 each;
  • In Germany, all advertising is on .DE, not .COM;
  • It is a .COM world for domainers, not for the rest of the world.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Advice for new gTLD domain investors

With the new gTLDs coming out within the year, I predict we are going to see hundreds or even thousands of speculators spending millions of dollars on new domain names. Many people will think they’re going to strike it rich with their investments. Most probably won’t do much research on domain investing. There are going to be people who lose a lot of money.