Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Someone is buying up villa and villas domain names

Andrew Allemann posted: ""

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Someone is buying up villa and villas domain names

by Andrew Allemann

Pay attention if you get an offer to buy a domain with "villa" in it.

If someone contacts you about buying your villa.tld or villas.tld domain name, you might want to do some digging.

A Mark Monitor client appears to be on a quest to buy up some of these domains.

On July 6 the company's "privacy" service DNStinations became the owner of

The company also recently hand registered and

It also acquired the domain name (plural).

It doesn't look like or have changed hands recently. Both have whois privacy, but I suspect they're owned by the same company as they're at the same registrar, both are parked at Bodis, and the historical whois points to the same domain investor.

Donuts has applied for the top level domain .villas.

It will be interesting to see who is behind the recent acquisitions.

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