Monday, July 29, 2013

Frank Schilling planning a domain name conference?

Frank Schilling planning a domain name conference?

by Andrew Allemann
Schilling files trademark application related to domain conferences.
Is Frank Schilling planning to hold domain name conferences in the future?
The thought has at least crossed his mind - if not gone further.
George Kirikos spotted that Schilling filed an intent-to-use trademark application (pdf) for iNEX back in April. Here's the class of goods listed on the application:
Educational services, namely, arranging and organizing conferences in the field of internet domain names
Given that Schilling has made the move from managing just his portfolio to offering services via, and soon offering top level domains to the public, a "user conference" would be a smart move. I suspect it would be highly attended, even if it's held down in Cayman.
But here's the perplexing thing: is not among Schilling's hundreds of thousands of domain names.
I reached out to Schilling for comment and will update this story when I hear back.
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