A message to frustrated ".com" domainers.

Lesson 1: I do not buy ".com" domain names;
Lesson 2: if you work in the domain name business, you use a domain name ending in ".domains", not ".com";
Lesson 3: I only answer emails ending in ".email", other endings won't be read;
Lesson 4: in regard to domaining, I only visit websites ending in ".domains";
Lesson 5: all this is a joke, I don't buy domain names ;-)

Domaining for new gTLDs "only".

Domaining for new gTLDs "only".

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What is your favorite domain name?

Extract: "I am now curious to see what you think your most valuable domain name is. I am sure many people have more than one domain name they consider valuable, and I think it would be interesting if people shared the domain name they own that holds the most (financial) value today. I also invite you to share what you think the domain name is worth. Feel free to leave a “wholesale” and “retail” value if you would like".

Source: http://www.domaininvesting.com/what-is-your-most-valuable-domain-name/.

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