A message to frustrated ".com" domainers.

Lesson 1: I do not buy ".com" domain names;
Lesson 2: if you work in the domain name business, you use a domain name ending in ".domains", not ".com";
Lesson 3: I only answer emails ending in ".email", other endings won't be read;
Lesson 4: in regard to domaining, I only visit websites ending in ".domains";
Lesson 5: all this is a joke, I don't buy domain names ;-)

Domaining for new gTLDs "only".

Domaining for new gTLDs "only".

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

.CLUB Registry Auctions Wine.Club, Fight.Club, Chess.Club and more

Extract: "With countless businesses being created around subscription and membership models, .CLUB has proven itself to be a popular domain extension for entrepreneurs and innovative companies,” said Colin Campbell, president and CEO of .CLUB Domains. “We’re excited to offer some inspired, fun and extremely lucrative .CLUB domain names in this auction. Every one of these names can be the launching pad for a category dominating business, and there are expected to be some great deals at this auction".

Source: http://onlinedomain.com/2015/01/05/news/club-registry-auctions-wine-club-fight-club-chess-club-others-at-the-namescon-domain-name-live-auction/.

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