A message to frustrated ".com" domainers.

Lesson 1: I do not buy ".com" domain names;
Lesson 2: if you work in the domain name business, you use a domain name ending in ".domains", not ".com";
Lesson 3: I only answer emails ending in ".email", other endings won't be read;
Lesson 4: in regard to domaining, I only visit websites ending in ".domains";
Lesson 5: all this is a joke, I don't buy domain names ;-)

Domaining for new gTLDs "only".

Domaining for new gTLDs "only".

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Results From 1st .NYC Landrush Auctions: Carservice.NYC $11,500 Bitcoin.NYC $11K

Extract: These figures, did not come from the .NYC registry or Neustar the operator of the extension or SnapNames.com which held the auction. All these numbers came from bidders that may have won or lost landrush auctions.

Source: http://www.thedomains.com/2014/10/27/results-from-1st-nyc-landrush-auctions-carservice-nyc-11500-bitcoin-nyc-11k/.

Domainers register their domain names at Uniregistry.

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